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    Las Vegas’ Newest Illusion Spectacular

    'It’s part of the glorious, wonderful, hopeful human condition to look for mysteries. But every mystery that has ever intrigued us is based on a reflection of our own desires, fears and dreams.'

    Guided by that thought, Luxembourg’s award-winning illusionist David Goldrake presents his new full evening spectacle 'IMAGINARIUM'.

    'IMAGINARIUM' is a 75-minute extravaganza that takes its spectators on a journey inside their own minds and explores humankind's fascination with magic, mystery and deception.

    Besides answering the classical questions about whether a magician can make you a million dollars or can make your wife disappear David Goldrake inspires his guests with original and spectacular illusions, innovative experiments of mentalism and daring demonstrations of escapology.

    Stunning sound and lighting as well as a visionary stage design involving 3D video mapping transform the stage into the perfect setting for the magical world David Goldrake invites you to be a part of.

    When people talk about being rich or having power or finding love, what they’re really talking about is magic. Everybody wants a little bit of magic, a little bit of impossibility, a little bit of poetry.

    'IMAGINARIUM' is the place where all these elements come together and shatter your perception of reality.

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